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    ·        Saturday March 4th - EAS March General Meeting
    'Cassini's Grand Finale' - Dr. Ron Hobbs

    Cassini has had a long and successful mission at Saturn.  But in order to ensure it does not contaminate moons that could potentially harbor bacterial life, it will end its mission in a controlled manner this year by being directed to impact Saturn's atmosphere, after a series of extremely close passes, INSIDE of the planets ring system.
     Join Ron Hobbs, Solar System Ambassador, to see recent images and hear about the process and the science expected during this final phase of the mission.

    Sat  3/4/2017   3:00 PM - 4:45 PM
    Evergreen Branch Library, Everett, WA

    All EAS meetings are open to the public.

EAS member Ron Tam has offered a flexible opportunity to EAS members to come to his home north of Snohomish for observing on clear weekend evenings, and for EAS star parties. Anyone wishing to do so needs to contact him in advance and confirm available dates, and let him know if plans change. “Our place is open for star parties any Saturday except weekends of the Full Moon. People can call to get weather conditions or to confirm that there is a star party. Our phone number is (360) 568-5152. They can e-mail me too (tam1951 at but I don't check my email daily. They can email me for directions if they have never been out here.”  Listed below are proposed dates for planned EAS star parties at my *Ron Tam’s place, depending upon the weather, of course.  Call Ron about spur-of-the-moment observing, such as when we have a run of clear days but no scheduled event...

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tbd - March Star party at Ron Tam's

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Mar 04 EAS General Meeting - 3:00 pm - Evergreen Branch Library
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