Picture Gallery

This page is dedicated to pictures taken by club members. This includes pictures of events, club members and their equipment and astrophotography pictures taken by club members and associates.

The club has access to a high resolution color scanner for both prints and slides. We would like to begin filling this page. If you have any pictures that you would like added to this picture, please contact Cody Gibson via the email icon below to make arrangements. Details about each picture, including who took it, what it is a picture of, (for astrophotography - camera settings, etc.), will be helpful when adding a description to your pictures.

This picture is of some of the club members at the 1998 Table Mountain Star Party. It was taken by Dave Mullen. Click on the picture to see the larger view.

These photos were taken by me last year on a trip to Sunriver, Oregon. Sunriver is a community about 17 miles south of Bend, OR on US 97. Sunriver has it’s own nature center and observatory. The observatory is staffed full time in spring and summer, with solar viewing by day and deep sky viewing under spectacular clear skies. This is one of my favorite vacation spots! There are organized programs for general viewing each evening in summer, plus daily solar viewing, and kids astronomy programs. Each evening viewing session starts out with a slide show about astronomy and viewing the night sky. As darkness falls, everyone moves outside where over a dozen telescopes ranging from 5” to 20” are staffed by volunteers and employees to help guide each group on a tour of the heavens. Last summer prior to Table Mountain, I spent a week at Sunriver, volunteering at the observatory each night. As you can see, the observatory has a tremendous selection of telescopes through which to view the night sky. Their newest addition was the 20-inch under the main dome last year. For additional info on Sunriver and the observatory, you can check out http://www.sunrivernaturecenter.org.


Bill Ferguson